MINI CAKE favours

Last time I explained what wedding favours are (little take-home gifts the bride and the groom give to their guests) and I wrote about a wedding favour that marks the beginning of a new chapter for the couple. This time, since I have just eaten dessert, I will write about a sweet wedding favour – the mini cake.

Mini Cake 1

I have yet to see this at a wedding though it has gained immense popularity in the recent years. This is an elegant and luxurious favour you can gift your guests that is becoming the latest trend in weddings. The cakes are individually decorated and boxed to give to those in attendance. Another idea is you can also use them as a table centerpiece as they are just that fancy!

Mini Cake 2

Other than being fancy, they are also oh so cute. They are small and easy to manage and you can order them in various flavours and designs. So let your guests have the opportunity to choose their own mini cake.

Mini Cake 3

For the brave brides out there, you can do it yourself (DIY) by making batches of your own mini cakes. This is a cost effective way to add variety as many shops that specialize in cakes for weddings and special events require a minimum order of favours which may limit your options. For a fun evening, why not invite your bridesmaids over to help with the decorating? Just don’t taste them all! Oh and save one for me please.

Mini Cake 4

[Image Credits: Bobbette & BellePerfect Wedding DayWeddings By LillyPerfect Wedding Day, Weddings By Lilly]


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