Flower Keepsake Ideas

I’m sure you’ll agree that no dream wedding is complete without the flowers. Flowers adorn the bride, the groom, the wedding party, the ceremony site, the reception venue, you name it. Often they are where brides begin when deciding a theme for their day as it is a reflection of her personal style. But have you ever wondered “What about after?” What about after the wedding? After you have spent hundreds or thousands on floral arrangements and décor, what do you do with it? Do you just leave it behind? Do you give it away? Do you take it home and let it fade away? Instead of letting such beautiful memories go to waste, why not preserve them, protect them and cherish them?

In the book Beautiful Wedding Flowers: More than 300 corsages, bouquets, and centerpieces, Diane Wagner shares several sentimental keepsake ideas for wedding flowers. We have picked our favourites to share with you. Which one is your favourite?

Preserve Your Bouquet

Flower Keepsake 01

Make the necessary arrangements prior to the wedding so that your bouquet can be packed and shipped right after the wedding. Send it to a company that will professionally preserve your bouquet so that you hold it close and smell the flowers whenever you desire.

Frame Your Invitation

Flower Keepsake 02

Ever wanted to have your wedding invitation on display, but never able to find the perfect frame? Well, here’s an idea: After the ceremony, have your flowers sent to a professional who will have them waxed. Now frame your invitation with the waxed flowers and bits of lace to add a unique personal touch to the invitation to your special day.

Romantic Wreath

Flower Keepsake 03

Get a heart-shaped wreath and wrap it with the dried flowers from the bride’s bouquet and the lace used to wrap the original bouquet stems. There is definitely nothing wrong with reusing, especially when it looks so beautiful.

Your Wedding Shoe

Flower Keepsake 04

Another item that you put away after the wedding: your wedding shoes or heels. What a waste when you spent so much money on them and they look so elegant and still clean after your one-time use. So embellish one (or both) with an assortment of waxed flowers from your bouquet and put it on display: on your bookshelf, by your photo albums, in your room. Another cool idea would be to have both bride and groom shoes on display. Please do remember to clean the shoe first!

A Small Souvenir

Flower Keepsake 05So by the end of night, the bouquet isn’t looking too fresh or it got a bit destroyed when your best friend caught it, what now? Don’t despair. Save the remaining perfect blooms and dry them to fill tiny terra-cotta flowerpots, silver julep cups or mossy baskets. It’s pretty in a cute small way.

So what do you think? Which are you most likely to do?

[Image Credits: ABIA Weddings, 52 Flea, Plow Health, Dishfunctional Designs, Your Healthy Gardens]


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