SUMMER weddings

So summer has begun and with it comes lots of fun times that transform into special memories. What do you have planned this summer? Are you spending it with family, friends, both? Are you staying home or going away?

Summer 1

With summer also comes wedding season! I know, personally, I will be attending a few weddings this summer. But why summer for weddings? In general, people tend to get married in summer as the warmer weather means less worry and less clothes (think: winter coats and boots). If you are planning an outdoor wedding, the sun and the flowers are at their biggest and brightest with their fragrant aroma floating along in the long summer nights. I love summer!

Summer also means beach season! And from experience, we know that people love to get married on the beach. There’s something about having the sand between your toes and the freedom to run free and scream loudly that attracts people to the beach… or it might just be the water and the bikinis – your choice.

Summer 2

You may be reading this and thinking, “Yes, that would be my dream wedding but it’s summer, it’s peak season. I can’t afford this.”

First off, I’d like to think that you either did your research or have common sense to know that, yes, summer is peak season; therefore it can get quite expensive. The season in which you decide to get married is often the first decision you need to make as a couple in deciding a specific wedding date as it will have a significant impact on your budget, your venue and your theme. Now before you decide you can’t afford a sunny summer beach wedding, have you looked at all your options?

You really love the feel of a summer wedding. What should you do? Should you just give up hope, deciding it is outside your budget range, thus out of your reach? Well, unless you have aerophobia (or fear flying), fear no more. In a previous post, going back to November for my loyal readers, the concept of a destination wedding was introduced and explained. You can read the full article here. In summary, I recommended destination weddings as they are less stressful, result in less drama over the details and are less expensive.

Summer 3

Other than the added cost of flying to your destination, almost everything else either costs less or has more value for the price you’re paying. It is definitely worth your while to research this option for your wedding as it may save you thousands of dollars that can go toward your first home as a couple.

Now you may be wondering where you should start in your selection of a wedding destination. There are many factors that should weigh into your selection such as the culture and your connection with the destination, but a major determinant has to be the legal requirements. Don’t do all the research only to find out it isn’t feasible for you to get married in a country due to the residency or religious requirements imposed upon foreign visitors travelling to get married in there.

I hope this helps all who like me love summer but may not be able to afford to get married in it at home. It is a beautiful season, a gorgeous season for weddings. So keep your options open, do your research, have an excuse to travel to an exotic place. Everyone, enjoy your summer!

[Image Credits: Gorgeous in Grey,Colin Miller Photography, Pixan Photography]


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