SUMMER weddings

So summer has begun and with it comes lots of fun times that transform into special memories. What do you have planned this summer? Are you spending it with family, friends, both? Are you staying home or going away?

Summer 1

With summer also comes wedding season! I know, personally, I will be attending a few weddings this summer. But why summer for weddings? In general, people tend to get married in summer as the warmer weather means less worry and less clothes (think: winter coats and boots). If you are planning an outdoor wedding, the sun and the flowers are at their biggest and brightest with their fragrant aroma floating along in the long summer nights. I love summer!

Summer also means beach season! And from experience, we know that people love to get married on the beach. There’s something about having the sand between your toes and the freedom to run free and scream loudly that attracts people to the beach… or it might just be the water and the bikinis – your choice.

Summer 2

You may be reading this and thinking, “Yes, that would be my dream wedding but it’s summer, it’s peak season. I can’t afford this.”

First off, I’d like to think that you either did your research or have common sense to know that, yes, summer is peak season; therefore it can get quite expensive. The season in which you decide to get married is often the first decision you need to make as a couple in deciding a specific wedding date as it will have a significant impact on your budget, your venue and your theme. Now before you decide you can’t afford a sunny summer beach wedding, have you looked at all your options?

You really love the feel of a summer wedding. What should you do? Should you just give up hope, deciding it is outside your budget range, thus out of your reach? Well, unless you have aerophobia (or fear flying), fear no more. In a previous post, going back to November for my loyal readers, the concept of a destination wedding was introduced and explained. You can read the full article here. In summary, I recommended destination weddings as they are less stressful, result in less drama over the details and are less expensive.

Summer 3

Other than the added cost of flying to your destination, almost everything else either costs less or has more value for the price you’re paying. It is definitely worth your while to research this option for your wedding as it may save you thousands of dollars that can go toward your first home as a couple.

Now you may be wondering where you should start in your selection of a wedding destination. There are many factors that should weigh into your selection such as the culture and your connection with the destination, but a major determinant has to be the legal requirements. Don’t do all the research only to find out it isn’t feasible for you to get married in a country due to the residency or religious requirements imposed upon foreign visitors travelling to get married in there.

I hope this helps all who like me love summer but may not be able to afford to get married in it at home. It is a beautiful season, a gorgeous season for weddings. So keep your options open, do your research, have an excuse to travel to an exotic place. Everyone, enjoy your summer!

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Flower Keepsake Ideas

I’m sure you’ll agree that no dream wedding is complete without the flowers. Flowers adorn the bride, the groom, the wedding party, the ceremony site, the reception venue, you name it. Often they are where brides begin when deciding a theme for their day as it is a reflection of her personal style. But have you ever wondered “What about after?” What about after the wedding? After you have spent hundreds or thousands on floral arrangements and décor, what do you do with it? Do you just leave it behind? Do you give it away? Do you take it home and let it fade away? Instead of letting such beautiful memories go to waste, why not preserve them, protect them and cherish them?

In the book Beautiful Wedding Flowers: More than 300 corsages, bouquets, and centerpieces, Diane Wagner shares several sentimental keepsake ideas for wedding flowers. We have picked our favourites to share with you. Which one is your favourite?

Preserve Your Bouquet

Flower Keepsake 01

Make the necessary arrangements prior to the wedding so that your bouquet can be packed and shipped right after the wedding. Send it to a company that will professionally preserve your bouquet so that you hold it close and smell the flowers whenever you desire.

Frame Your Invitation

Flower Keepsake 02

Ever wanted to have your wedding invitation on display, but never able to find the perfect frame? Well, here’s an idea: After the ceremony, have your flowers sent to a professional who will have them waxed. Now frame your invitation with the waxed flowers and bits of lace to add a unique personal touch to the invitation to your special day.

Romantic Wreath

Flower Keepsake 03

Get a heart-shaped wreath and wrap it with the dried flowers from the bride’s bouquet and the lace used to wrap the original bouquet stems. There is definitely nothing wrong with reusing, especially when it looks so beautiful.

Your Wedding Shoe

Flower Keepsake 04

Another item that you put away after the wedding: your wedding shoes or heels. What a waste when you spent so much money on them and they look so elegant and still clean after your one-time use. So embellish one (or both) with an assortment of waxed flowers from your bouquet and put it on display: on your bookshelf, by your photo albums, in your room. Another cool idea would be to have both bride and groom shoes on display. Please do remember to clean the shoe first!

A Small Souvenir

Flower Keepsake 05So by the end of night, the bouquet isn’t looking too fresh or it got a bit destroyed when your best friend caught it, what now? Don’t despair. Save the remaining perfect blooms and dry them to fill tiny terra-cotta flowerpots, silver julep cups or mossy baskets. It’s pretty in a cute small way.

So what do you think? Which are you most likely to do?

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I have to start off by saying that purple is my all-time favourite colour so I just had to have a post on it. You understand, right? Now the ombre part of the title, I like it, but it seems everyone else loves it as it has been trending for the past year and there is no indication that it will die anytime soon. I don’t blame people for loving it though. It is quite eye-catching.

For a little background information, according to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, the word ombre (pronounced ombr-ay) is the past participle of the French verb ombrer which means to shade. In modern terms, it is when colours or tones shade into each other. So you have a favourite colour and you take several shades of it, place them in gradual succession, and voila! you have made something ombre.

Now combine the concept of ombre with the colour purple, make it into a wedding theme and you have the following wonderful suggestions:

THE FLOWERS to smell

Purple Ombre 01

It doesn’t have to be just your centrepieces that are themed. You can have a matching bouquet if you so desire. Just remember to have it in levels of flashiness, if you get what I mean. Don’t let your guest table centrepieces outshine your headtable centrepiece and don’t let your headtable centrepiece outshine your own bouquet. See, level of flashiness… I know what I’m talking about.

An option that isn’t shown in the photos is to have a row of centrepieces that each individually are one colour but collectively form an ombre effect. This is a great idea if you are not using traditional round tables, but are opting for long tables instead.

 THE CAKE to eat

Purple Ombre 02
As I go through the photos, I scream in delight at all the yummy pictures. I think many of these cakes are a girl’s dream come true. If it isn’t ombre in the cake layers, it’s ombre on the outside icing, often with flowery details. It has pretty princess colours, flowers and butterflies. What else can we ask for?


Purple Ombre 03
Zazzle and adori DESIGNS are both online sites that provide a lot of variety and customization. For invitations, Zazzle provides a template with textboxes where you fill in the event information information and then select a paper type. adori DESIGNS is sold on Etsy, an online marketplace. The same theme can come in a wide range of colours and is also available for ancillary items such as response cards, envelopes, menus, save the dates, you name it.

Also, ombre can be and is often matched with patterns such as scallop, chevron or horizontal stripes, as seen in the samples above. An idea would be to try it with other patterns such as polka dots (my fave), vertical or diagonal variations of the stripe, or swirls. I’m sure the results will be awesome.

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Birds in Love – Part 1

Honestly, I love wedding trends. I fall in love with each and every one I research. This one is no exception.

Unlike the typical wedding trend, this trend is not a colour but an animal. As such it was hard to find attire such as dresses, shoes or ties that went with this theme but when it came to other things, there was an abundance of ideas. For a twist on this trend, give it a retro feel by incorporating cages in your décor.

Love Birds 01

Love Birds 02

So many accessories for her. I love it all!


Love Birds 03
So he doesn’t feel left out. Cufflinks, boutonnieres, handkerchiefs…


Love Birds 04

Which nest will you choose? Twine or lace?

THE IDEAS to try

Love Birds 05

So many ideas! So many options!

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BLUE weddings

The year is almost over. Can you believe it? It feels like it just flew by. Did anything special happen this year? Did you start dating? Maybe get engaged? If not, don’t worry. Who knows what the future will bring.

For those who got engaged, congratulations! There is a lot of planning in store for you. One of the first decisions many couples make is the colour theme of the wedding. So for those getting married in 2015, pay attention. BLUE might be the colour to have at your wedding. Blue is almost everyone’s favourite colour and no surprise as it is said to be beneficial to the mind and body. Maybe that’s the real reason people have “something blue” at their wedding and not for the supposed luck it brings with it. Interesting fact: The colour blue suppresses appetite, so maybe you can save on the reception bill… just maybe.

There are so many inspiration boards out there but I like to break it up into categories. I find that more helpful for suggesting wedding ideas. What shade of blue would you use at your wedding? Dark, light or a variety? Tweet us your response. You’ll notice that some things, like cakes, tend to be in a lighter shade while other things, like flowers, are in a darker shade. Pick what you like and feel free to comment.

Blue 01

THE BRIDE for her

Blue 02

THE GROOM for him

Blue 03

THE SHOES to walk

Blue 04

THE NAILS to flaunt

Blue 05

THE FLOWERS to smell

Blue 06

THE CAKE to eat

Blue 07


Blue 08

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wedding day RAIN

So you need an umbrella, or really many umbrellas, if it rains on your wedding day. What else do you need?


Greet the rain in style by ensuring you have the right footwear. If it is almost 100% certain that it will rain, invest in rain boots for the yourself (the bride), the bridesmaids, the flower girl and the mother of the bride and groom. White is the traditional colour of choice for your boots but don’t be afraid to make a fashion statement and choose a colour that really stands out in your wedding photos.

Rainy Day 4

If there’s one thing you can’t forget on your rainy day wedding, it’s to take pictures like this together!

Rainy Day 5Rainy Day 6


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Rain on your Wedding Day

So your day is finally almost here. You’re constantly checking your weather app… and they forecast rain, lots of it. What do you do?

Rainy Day 1

Rain can damper the festive mood but only if you let it. Yes, everybody wishes their wedding day is the perfect day, blue skies and white clouds, warm and sunny. Honestly, though, that’s not how life is. Just as the weather fluctuates and changes, so does life. What will help you to weather life’s difficulties is to be prepared and to have the right attitude. I can’t help you with your attitude; you’ll have to work on that one yourself. What I can do is help you to be prepared. Here’s two essential items you’ll need for a rainy day wedding:


Umbrellas are obviously a necessary item, especially for an outdoor wedding, but may we make the following recommendations:

First off, we suggest you purchase one that matches the bride’s dress for the couple or a clear one which will serve well for photos.

Then purchase umbrellas for all the bridesmaids in a different colour, preferably matching with the wedding theme or their dresses. And even if there is no rain, umbrellas can be a pretty accessory and provide relief from the sun.

Rainy Day 2

For the groomsmen, either get it in plain black or black and white to match their tuxes, or get the masculine version of what the bridesmaids get, i.e. darker shade of the same colour.

Last, but not least, the guests can be provided with umbrellas. You’re possibly thinking that this is going to be expensive, but you can buy in bulk at a discounted price and sometimes you can return them if they are remain unused after the wedding ceremony and reception.

Rainy Day 3

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